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Confused by snippets of information you've found in online databases? Our educational courses teach you about the records so you'll understand what it means to find your ancestor's name in a probate file or deed or military record. You'll learn how to interpret the information and put it together to draw a valid conclusion, record it so you know where it came from, and follow the next logical step to find more relevant information.

NGS offers an array of educational courses for everyone from beginners just starting out to more advanced learners who want to hone their skills. Choose from the basic Family History Skills online course to the comprehensive NGS American Genealogy: Home Study Course on CD. Be sure to check out the online courses that focus on specific topics such as census records, deeds, or learning to transcribe, extract, and abstract records.

Free to NGS Members

Work through the online self-paced, self-graded Family History Skills if you're new to genealogy or if you need a refresher course. It's free to all NGS members. Learn More.

PDF Courses

Learn about federal population census records, DNA, religious records, and more. Learn More.

Online Courses

Learn about population census records, special agricultural or mortality census schedules, deeds, and more. Learn More.

NGS American Genealogy: Home Study Course

Opt for the convenience of a CD-ROM course to use in your home and choose the graded option. Learn More.


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