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Genealogical Data Model

GenTech is widely known for the work that its Lexicon Working Group has done in developing the GenTech Genealogical Data Model, a formal model of genealogical data and of the genealogical research process. The model is of fundamental interest to developers of genealogy software.

The GenTech Genealogical Data Model

Version 1.0 of the Model

Version 1.0 of the GenTech Genealogical Data Model was released as an RFC (Request for Comment) at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference on August 21, 1998. In addition to the model description, there are two associated diagrams. In May 2000 version 1.1 of the Model was completed. There were no changes at that time in the diagrams. All of these documents are available from links that follow.

Documents identified with a ".pdf" suffix may be viewed directly by a browser that has the Acrobat Reader add-in installed, or may be downloaded for off line reading. Acrobat Reader is a free piece of software from Adobe that you can download from Versions are available for most hardware and software platforms. Note that when viewing the diagrams within your browser, the fine print might be pretty fine. By saving the PDF file to disk and viewing it directly with Acrobat Reader, you can "zoom" to your comfort level.

The description document is in Microsoft Word 97 format. Please be aware that neither Microsoft's conversion add-on for Word 95, nor Corel's Word 97 import feature handle the complexities of the document very well. The diagram and process charts are available in Visio 5 format, which is the original format for the two diagrams, and in PDF format. The zipped version of the diagrams contain the Visio versions of the files.

A 101 page description of the data model:

A one page diagram of the data model:

A one page diagram of the process steps:

A "zipped" file containing the Word and Visio documents listed above:

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