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CGS: African American Roots: A Historical Perspective

Author: Janice Lovelace, PhD
Prerequisites: None

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of genealogical research as well as the uniqueness of searching for African American ancestors. A mixture of history and genealogy, it discusses the role Africans and African Americans played in the birth and growth of the United States from as early as the fifteenth century. Armed with this historical perspective, family historians learn where they might find information about African Americans in general and their own ancestors in particular.

Janice Lovelace, PhD (psychology) has over thirty years of experience in genealogical research and has presented nationally on methodology, DNA, and ethnic minority genealogy.

African American Roots: A Historical Perspective

The course is structured chronologically from the late fifteenth century through the mid-twentieth century. Africans played a role in all the major events in this time period, although their involvement may not be as widely known and records may be more difficult to find. An African sailor piloted one of the three ships (the Santa Maria) of Christopher Columbus's fleet when he first explored the Americas. Other people of African descent were part of the sixteenth century explorations of the Americas and fought in the major wars. While many Africans were enslaved, others were living as free men and women from the 1600s through the Civil War, when all those of African ancestry were emancipated from legalized slavery.

  • Module 1—Getting Started
  • Module 2—Colonial Times (pre 1776 Revolutionary War)
  • Module 3—Revolutionary War to pre-Civil War
  • Module 4—Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow Segregation
  • Module 5—Early Twentieth Century through World War II
  • Module 6—Mid-twentieth Century: The Road to Equal Rights
  • Module 7—DNA
  • Bibliography
  • Syllabus

    To learn more about African American Roots: A Historical Perspective, see the course syllabus here.


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    African American Roots: A Historical Perspective



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