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2nd Century Endowment Fund

As we proudly look back at our organization's history, we see that we have accomplished much to advance the field of genealogical research through our publications and educational courses. It is now time to look ahead. To celebrate and honor 100+ years of service to members and to enable the National Genealogical Society to create a meaningful endowment for future generations, the NGS Board of Directors established the 2nd Century Endowment Fund. This fund will help ensure the next century of service to genealogists and family historians.

A Goal to Create an Endowment of $1 Million

The Board made the commitment to see that these resources are available for the good of the Society—not for routine expenses. This influx of additional financial donations will provide support to NGS programs, with the endowment principle to be preserved to benefit the membership by producing interest income for

  • creation of new educational programs and special seminars;
  • publishing projects; and
  • funding projects that advance the mission of the Society.

Only after the fund reaches our goal can a percentage of the interest be used to further mission projects.

Gifts in any amount are accepted. Details on using planned giving to support the fund are below.

Contributions Are Tax Deductible

Contributions to the 2nd Century Endowment Fund are tax deductible as charitable contributions. NGS has been designated a 501(c) 3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service and, therefore, your contribution is fully tax-deductible under current federal law.

Please send your contribution today and assure the future of tomorrow's genealogical research.

Mail contributions to:

National Genealogical Society
2nd Century Endowment Fund
6400 Arlington Blvd, Suite 810
Falls Church, VA 22042-2318

To contribute using a credit card click the link below

Contribute to the NGS 2nd Century Endowment Fund

Thank you for supporting NGS.

Planned Giving Program

Planned giving is another method to support the NGS Second Century Endowment Fund. There are many ways that your philanthropic giving can blend with your own financial needs and tax planning. The program addresses such items as wills, trusts, life insurance, retirement plan assets, real estate, and stock.

Benefits of planned giving include

  • current income tax deduction;
  • avoidance of long-term capital gains tax;
  • increase in income and effective rate of return; and
  • reduction in estate and gift taxes.

Here are a few charitable giving ideas that may help you and NGS at the same time. These tax saving plans also give you the opportunity to cultivate the future of genealogy.

  • Outright Gift
    This is the giving of cash, stocks, a house, or other assets directly to NGS with no strings attached. This can be done through a will or while alive.
  • Charitable Stock Bailout
    This is similar to an outright gift and involves the donation of closely held stock that has risen significantly in value. The donor receives an income tax deduction for donating the stock and avoids paying capital gains taxes.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    You may donate cash or property to NGS, which in turn pays an annuity to you or a named survivor. This is a good strategy if you need income but still want to make a gift.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
    Assets are put into a CRT, and the trust pays out income to the donor or beneficiaries such as a spouse or children. The payout may be for a certain number of years (up to twenty) or for the lifetime of the beneficiaries. Eventually, the remaining assets in the trust pass on to NGS. This works well if the donor needs current income but doesn't want or need to leave the assets to a spouse or children. It also allows the trust to manage assets that a surviving spouse might not be capable of managing.
  • Remainder Interest in a Farm or Personal Residence
    Property is deeded to NGS with the stipulation that the donor or the donor's surviving spouse can live on the property until death.

    If you are interested in using planned giving to support NGS, contact our Accounting Manager at [email protected] or call 571-234-8175.

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