NGS Education: Special Discounts on Course Packages

Save $25—Purchase Our Newest DNA Genealogy Course & Lecture Bundle

  • Understanding and Using DNA Test Results Course
    Learn what your DNA test results reveal, including basic patterns of genetic inheritance and how and how their DNA matches can lead to new avenues of research as you build your family tree.
  • Your Cousins Are Your Secret Weapon
    Enjoy a fascinating and informative video lecture by Angie Bush, an expert in the field of genetic genealogy, plus a four-page bonus syllabus. Learn how to use cousin matches to identify ancestors.

Discount Package Price: $75 NGS members; $100 non-members.

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Save $25—Purchase Our Excellent African American Genealogy Course & Lecture Bundle

  • African American Roots: A Historical Perspective
    Learn how to locate records for ancestors of African descent beginning with colonial times. You will learn how to find Reconstruction-era records, including Freedman’s Bureau records, and records related to voting, land ownership, census, vital records, church membership, and more.
  • Strategies and Techniques in African American Research: Finding the Enslaved, and More
    Learn more from this exceptional video lecture by Deborah A. Abbott, PhD a professional genealogist specializing in African American research and methodology. You will learn how to follow the twists and turns of complicated searches for enslaved ancestors.

Discount Price: $75 NGS members; $100 non-members.

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Save $30—Purchase Our Popular Genealogy Skills Course Bundle

  • Reading Old Handwriting—An Essential Skill for Family Historians
    Learn how to understand hard-to-read handwriting in documents such as wills and deeds, land records, probate files, and, of course, your ancestors’ personal letters.
  • Transcribing, Extracting, and Abstracting Genealogy Documents
    Discover how to accurately and successfully examine analyze by fully transcribing a document, extracting selected portions, or abstracting the important information

Discount Package Price: $120 NGS members; $170 non-members.

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Save $25—Purchase Our Popular Military Records Course Bundle

  • War of 1812 Records
    Learn how to access the pension files; Compiled Military Service Records; naval and marine corps muster rolls; ships’ logs; state militia records; and more as you search for your ancestors.
  • Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestors
    Discover how to use a pedigree chart to identify an ancestor who served in the war and how different types of military units were organized. Also, learn about bounty land awards, pension and payment records, and more.

Discount Package Price: $110 NGS members; $160 non-members.

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