Member Resources

Member Resources

NGS offers its members many wonderful resources to perfect their skills as genealogists.  Our personalized learning opportunities are created by certified genealogists and professional educators who continue to add to this extraordinary collection each year.

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A great introduction to how to research your family history or brush up on the fundamentals of genealogy. Free to members.

A treasure trove of more than forty forms and worksheets you can download and print or use as a jump-off point for creating your own Excel spreadsheets. Free to members.

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A leading scholarly journal in the field, highly in demand for its case studies and genealogies, essays on methodology, and book reviews with more than four hundred issues of NGSQ. Free to members.

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A quarterly magazine in print or digital format with articles on effectively using records for family history research and columns on genetic genealogy, repositories, technology, and writing with archival access to twelve years. Free to members.

The National Genealogical Society’s member community—FORUM. Join the discussions and learn more about genealogy and family history.

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NGS members also are eligible to enter the prestigious NGS Family History Writing Contest.

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NGS members can take advantage of a growing number of free resources. They include genealogy templates and charts, tutorials, and articles.

Find vital records substitutes and stories for your ancestors in newspapers on NewspaperArchive.

The NGS Family Papers Collection contains genealogical data submitted by members from more than 2,000 family Bibles and more than 60,000 Members’ Ancestor Charts. Also in the collection are abstracts from the newspaper The National Intelligencer spanning the years 1800-1850. NGS members can search for names in the collection and view PDF scans for most items.

NGS offers its members discounts on a wide array of books, events, programs, and more.