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Welcome to NGS’s Free Genealogy Resources

One of the main goals of the National Genealogical Society is to educate the public about family history research. In our Free Genealogy Resources section, we offer a number of different and important educational resources. Here you will find free genealogy charts, templates, and tutorials on the US Census and How to Borrow Books from the NGS Book Loan Collection.

We have organized helpful tips, articles, and recommended resources for every level of family researcher whether you are Getting Started, Going to the Next Level or working at Building Advanced Skills. And for those of you who are not NGS members, we offer a free sampling of beneficial articles from NGS Magazine, NGS Quarterly, and NGS Monthly.

Scroll down and find the tools and resources that work best for your needs. NGS offers personalized learning choices because we know that everyone learns differently. Some prefer reading or workbooks. Some find audio or video recordings work best. Perhaps attending lectures in-person at our annual conference or one-on-one consultations on a NGS research trip would benefit you the most. Make sure you also take a look at NGS’s genealogy courses, books, publications, and other offerings to help build your skills and build your family tree.