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A Contemporary Magazine for Today’s Family Researcher.

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NGS Magazine is much more than a member news source. Each issue is chock-full of informative articles that show and tell readers how to do effective genealogical research using the most current information, sources, and techniques.

Regular columns discuss National Archives records, technology, genetic genealogy, and reference topics.

Articles appeal to a variety of interests and skill levels while delivering content useful to all. Topics include

  • genealogical records, collections, and repositories;
  • research techniques and methodologies;
  • databases;
  • case studies; and
  • genealogical problem-solving techniques.

From NGS Magazine members learn important news about

  • the annual NGS Family History Conference and research trips;
  • NGS awards and competitions;
  • what’s new with the organization; and
  • other news in the genealogical community.

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Book Notices for NGS Members

Any NGS member-author who donates a copy of a genealogically relevant book to the NGS Book Loan Collection at St. Louis County Library is eligible to have that book noted in NGS Magazine. The editor has sole discretion to publish notices, which will be limited to one hundred words.

About the Editor

Aaron GoodwinDeb Cyprych resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. During twenty years of editing genealogical periodicals, she has won three first-place NGS Newsletter Competition awards, twice for the Hamilton County Genealogical Society’s Tracer and once for the Ohio Genealogical Society’s Ohio Genealogy News. Cyprych has researched family history since 1993 (professionally since 2002) and has written numerous articles about genealogical resources. She is a member of seven lineage societies.

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Deb Cyprych
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