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NGS Genealogy Courses – Online Programs in Genealogy Research

Choose from our genealogy education programs that allow you to take online, cloud-based courses and webinars at your convenience. You decide how to personalize your learning schedule anywhere, anytime. Our new Artificial Intelligence course is taught live via Zoom one day per week over four weeks. NGS offers many choices for skill-building at every level of expertise to help you enrich your family history.


Foundations in Family History course

A detailed course in American genealogy designed to be progressive, building a solid foundation in genealogy research skills and records to develop a family tree generation by generation. Ideal for beginning to intermediate genealogists.

Advanced Skills in Genealogy course 

A comprehensive course tailored to provide intermediate to advanced students with an institute-level, standards-based program. This course prepares students to solve problems using key genealogical records and resources, as well as methodologies and strategies. The course covers:

  • sixteen major genealogical record groups
  • analysis and correlation of information
  • assignments to complete and earn a certificate
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Continuing Genealogical Studies (CGS) 

Twelve stand-alone courses on subjects and records important to developing your expertise building your genealogy:

  • Using DNA Test Results
  • Guide to Documentation & Source Citation
  • Federal Land Records
  • Revolutionary War
  • War of 1812 Records
  • Civil War
  • African American Roots
  • Transcribing, Extracting, and Abstracting Documents
  • Reading Old Handwriting
  • Effective Use of Deeds
  • World War I
  • 17th and 18th Century German Ancestors

Empowering Genealogists with Artificial Intelligence – Levels One and Two

This series of courses teaches the benefits and limitations of artificial intelligence (AI). It focuses on what AI programs do well and how they can help genealogists enhance research efficiency.  Each level also includes a discussion of ethical implications and guidelines.

Level 1 covers:

  • the basics of using ChatGPT and specific uses for genealogists
  • summarizing data and extracting data from text

Level 2 dives into:

  • prompt engineering and revising prompts to refine results
  • creating custom GPTs (bots or assistants) for genealogy

NEW! AI Toolbox Monthly Workshops

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how genealogists work by helping them become more efficient and achieve better results. NGS makes it easy for you to learn these new skills by joining one or several of our AI monthly workshops scheduled starting in March 2024.

Have you ever wished you had an assistant to help you:

  • manage those overflowing boxes of family photos?
  • transform your research into captivating narratives?
  • create attention-grabbing images for your genealogy projects, business, or organization?
  • extract, summarize, and analyze information from genealogical sources more efficiently?

AI can do all of that and more! Whether you practice genealogy as a hobby or a profession, this series of monthly workshops will show you how you can harness the power of AI for your family history. No prior experience with AI is needed.

Each month a different Toolmaster will demonstrate practical uses of the latest free and subscription-based AI tools. Workshops will include approximately 60 minutes of demonstration and 30 minutes for Q&A.

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