About NGS

Awards and Competitions—Recognizing Excellence

The National Genealogical Society recognizes excellence in the genealogy field by presenting awards in numerous categories and several competitions. Why not nominate someone you know or enter your own work in one of the NGS competitions?

Deadline for all submissions is 15 December, annually. 


The NGS Awards program recognizes excellence, scholarship, and achievements in the field of genealogy by presenting awards to organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to NGS programs or have performed outstanding work in the field of genealogy, history, biography, or heraldry.


Have you written an outstanding family history? Do you know a genealogy librarian who goes beyond the call of duty to support the community, or a youth who is involved in genealogy projects? These are just some of the categories in which NGS sponsors competitions for awards.

The National Genealogy Hall of Fame

The National Genealogy Hall of Fame honors individuals of the past who made significant contributions to genealogy and set the high standards by which we work today. One person is inducted into the Hall of Fame each year.