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There is a lot of excitement at the National Genealogical Society. After two years of planning, designing and creative thinking, and a lot of hard work by our board, staff and our technology partners, we are ready to welcome you to our new website.

What You’ll See Right Away

We didn’t just update our current website, we created a fully redesigned, modern website that offers an abundance of new content full of educational resources—not only for our members—but for all who have an interest in beginning or building their family history.

You will find a streamlined, clean appearance with simplified menu options for easier selection and an improved navigation experience.

We utilized the latest in software technology Content Management Systems (CMS) and Association Management Systems (AMS) that can grow with NGS and adapt over time. That allowed us to update our store, member, and financial services and systems.

What We Wanted to Achieve for Family History and Genealogy

Genealogical education and training are at the core of NGS’s mission. While NGS has built a reputation for scholarship and home study education for many decades, we wanted to find a way to meet the needs of the beginner as well. Thus, the most important goal for this new website was to create a content program that welcomed every person interested in family history—no matter their level of expertise.

DNA testing has brought millions of people to the doorstep of family history, but they need help to develop the skills for researching a family tree. And we still wanted to support our important mission of scholarship for those genealogists continuing to build on their skills, and encourage them to add to the body of excellent work in our field by research, writing, lecturing, teaching, and publishing.

A Unique Solution: NGS’s Pathways for Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

NGS approaches genealogical education realistically. It typically takes years to gain experience and build keen skills, but every individual who becomes interested in family history advances in a unique way based on his or her access to education, time, and learning style. To aid the broad spectrum of genealogy enthusiasts and their varying expertise, NGS developed pathways to build knowledge that allow users to self-select what they need to learn more about and to personalize their learning. And NGS continues to offer a menu of educational formats so users can choose how they learn best: reading books and articles; taking an online course, attending lectures, and having personal interactions at the NGS Family History Conference; or purchasing video or audio recordings for those who learn best by hearing as well as seeing.

The NGS suggested pathways are not meant to be totally comprehensive and exhaustive, rather, more like a gentle nudge in the right direction to help guide, teach, and train new skills.

The pathways are front and center on the homepage and will take visitors throughout the website to discover learning opportunities. Best of all, they can return over and over to the pathways as they continue to be improved and added to over time.

Getting Started

Getting Started offers a range of information from the most basic in Nine Tips to Start a Family History, to a free, comprehensive tutorial called How to Build a Family Tree. For NGS members, there is a brand new, fully revised edition of our Family History Skills course included with their membership. Even if you have studied genealogy for years, you will discover new items that will add to your knowledge of genealogical research.

Going to the Next Level

The second pathway, Going to the Next Level, offers suggested educational elements to help you build on skills and to motivate other developing genealogists to continue their work. All students are encouraged to concentrate on becoming more expert in documenting their sources and applying the Genealogical Proof Standard to their work.  At this level, it becomes more important to understand genetic genealogy and how to use, analyze, and apply DNA testing to your work. There is so much more to learn!

Building Advanced Skills

This pathway is meant to challenge you to examine the progress of your work, and to set higher goals for the future. Building Advanced Skills is a lifelong pursuit. Analyzing, evaluating, and writing skills are critical to advancement. Have you purchased several important volumes needed on every researcher’s bookshelf: Mastering Genealogical Proof, Evidence Explained, and Genealogy Standards? If not, it’s time! Learn more by reading and discussing case studies in the NGS Quarterly as well as reading other genealogical journals. Terms such as a reasonably exhaustive search, indirect evidence, and genealogical proof arguments should be part of your vocabulary and knowledge base. You should be working in repositories frequently and with collections that are not just online. In-depth knowledge of topics like probate, federal land records, military records, and more are essential to personal growth and being able to build your family history.

Don’t Miss These New Features—Browse Around the Site

  • Free Fillable Pedigree Charts and Templates
  • Complimentary articles for non-members from NGS Quarterly, NGS Magazine, and NGS Monthly
  • The completely revised and updated Family History Skills course for NGS members
  • Links to eighteen websites that are invaluable to family history researchers
  • Many more research aids in the Free Genealogy Resources section

We Owe Many Thanks to our Entire Website Team

NGS Board Members
Overall Project Management: Terry Koch-Bostic
Finance Chair: Daryl Johanson
Marketing Chair/Content: Terry Koch-Bostic
Kathryn Doyle
Jean Andrews
Technology Chair: Robert Raymond
Technology Committee: Jordan Jones, Ron Hodges, Terry Koch-Bostic
NGS Staff
Accounting Manager Karen Soch
Advertising Manager Courtney Holmes
Conference Manager Erin Shifflet
Education Manager Julie Miller
Membership Manager Susan Yockey
Additional Content Contributors
NGS Education Manager Julie Miller
Editor Terry Jennings, Information Specialists
Website/Technology Partners
CMS Project Manager Linh Hoang, Director of Digital Strategy, fusionSpan
AMS Project Manager Justin Burniske, Director of Enterprise Solutions, fusionSpan
AMS Associate Manager Rachel Sigler, CRM Coordinator, fusionSpan
AMS Implementation Impexium
CMS Development Team fusionSpan