Plan Your Gift

Are you interested in a wonderful way to multiply your values, leave a legacy, and “pay it forward” to support the National Genealogical Society?

You have paid NGS dues for years and supported NGS needs and special projects like the Preserve the Pensions records-preservation project. Now, we invite you to learn how to continue giving into the future!

An estate gift can help NGS build on its 120-year history to continue NGS programming in the next 120 years.


Contact John King, Planned Giving Advisor
Tel: (574) 596-0089
Email: [email protected]

  1. Cash, checks, credit card gifts, donor-advised funds, and mobile payments.
  2. Appreciated securities transferred from your broker to the NGS brokerage account.
  3. Retirement assets up to $100,000 per year to meet the required minimum distribution from an IRA.
  4. Naming NGS as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a trust, a will, or an IRA.
  5. Real estate that NGS can sell to support its mission.
  6. Personal property (e.g., artwork, jewelry) that NGS can sell to support its mission.


You can also structure a legacy gift to provide income while you are living and pass the remainder to NGS in a tax-free gift through a charitable gift annuity or a remainder trust.

This is your opportunity to pass your values along to others in support of the NGS mission and programming that you have benefited from in your life and work and “enable people, cultures, and organizations to discover the past and create a lasting legacy” (the NGS mission).

Donor Spotlight

My father became interested in family history when he retired in 1981 because he never knew his mother who died from tuberculosis when he was four.

I became active in NGS about twenty-five years ago. I quickly learned that family history was more than filling in a family tree; genealogy meant discovering the lives of our ancestors. In fact, I love a “brick wall” because it encourages me to dig deeper, to flesh out all the members of the family, to visit the places they lived, and explore the history of the world in which they lived. 

My husband and I do not have children, so we dedicated a portion of our estate to the universities we attended, our church, and other non-profits that have been important to us during our retirement. 

NGS is one of our chosen beneficiaries. My legacy allows the NGS Quarterly, NGS educational programs, and conferences to provide vital tools for those discovering their ancestors’ lives and overcoming the “brick walls” in their family history research projects. — Jan Alpert, past NGS President