Advanced Skills in Genealogy

Introducing Advanced Skills in Genealogy:
A Certificate Course

Course Overview

NGS designed the new Advanced Skills in Genealogy certificate course to meet the needs of all individuals looking for a professional level, standards-based education program that prepares intermediate to advanced researchers to accomplish their goals.

The advanced skills program is ideal for

  • genealogists who desire to master the use of key genealogical records, resources, and methodology
  • individuals looking to receive feedback from a mentor on graded assignments
  • researchers interested in expanding their knowledge and abilities to become professional genealogists
  • genealogists working towards becoming certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists or accredited by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists

This certificate course guides students through the most important records, resources, methodologies, and strategies to meet genealogical challenges. Today’s researchers need to be familiar with an ever-widening array of digitized records and databases and learn how to utilize the growing access to manuscripts and special collections in archives and libraries.

NGS’s advanced program teaches essential skills by presenting more than seven hundred pages of course materials, case studies, bibliographies, and hands-on activities for students to enhance their experience with researching and analyzing genealogical records. Ten class assignments submitted to mentors for grading and feedback will build skills for your future research.

The new course also brings together the wisdom of NGS by providing access to pertinent scholarly articles from the NGS Quarterly, instructional articles from NGS Magazine, and video presentations from national conferences. The knowledge and experience gained through completing this course will prepare genealogists to pursue their goals in the field of genealogy.

NGS built a reputation for excellent educational programs with the Home Study Course in American Genealogy which equipped researchers for success by teaching strong fundamental research skills. NGS courses have prepared researchers to solve difficult genealogical questions, publish books and articles, lecture and teach, complete client projects, and become credentialed. Now the outstanding Home Study Course curriculum that trained many of today’s leaders in the genealogy field has been completely rewritten, updated, and modernized by expert genealogists as Advanced Skills in Genealogy.