Reading Old Handwriting

Reading Old Handwriting

Course Overview

Reading old handwriting is an essential skill for genealogists but sometimes it can be challenging. Genealogists study and practice reading old handwriting in order to read and interpret the documents essential to family history research such as probate files, wills, land records, deeds, and court files. Many documents require the genealogist to read old handwriting to transcribe, abstract, or extract the pertinent data and use it in their family history.

This illustrated course explains the writing systems and styles used in the United States during the last three centuries. Every module has multiple hands-on exercises to develop expertise in reading handwriting from a variety of locations and time periods. Upon completion of the course, students will have techniques and strategies for reading handwritten documents encountered in their research.

Author: Carla Cegielski
Course: Online, cloud based
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Course Description

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The ten modules of this course guide students through several examples and exercises to learn to read a variety of old handwriting styles. The course includes multiple practice exercises and suggested strategies for reading wills, deeds, court records, as well as other types of documents. This course will give students hands-on experience reading documents and an overview for transcribing them.

  • Module 1—Handwriting in America
  • Module 2—Writing Implements and Inks
  • Module 3—Reading Letters
  • Module 4—Reading Numbers and Dates
  • Module 5—Signatures
  • Module 6—Strategies for Deciphering Difficult-to-Read Text
  • Module 7—Reading Copies
  • Module 8—Transcription
  • Module 9—Resources and Tools
  • Module 10—Furthering Your Skills
  • Supplementary Exercises—Six Additional Exercises to Further Enhance your Skills

About the Author

Carla Cegielski

Carla S. Cegielski is a freelance genealogical researcher and writer living in Ohio. After retiring from teaching at a local business college, Cegielski began lecturing on various genealogical topics. She is a frequent speaker at genealogical societies, libraries, and conferences. Carla writes the Tech Tips column in the quarterly NGS Magazine.  


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