Research in Oklahoma

Research in Oklahoma provides genealogical resources in the context of information on the history and settlement of the state, which was the home of Apache and Kiowa tribes. Once claimed by France and later Spain, Oklahoma was divided into two territories by the United States government. The Indian Territory was set aside for Indian tribes who were forcibly resettled from the southern states and later the Midwest. The Oklahoma Territory was settled by white pioneers, new immigrants, and former African American slaves. The Civil War, land rushes, and the discovery of oil all brought changes to the land and its people. Research in Oklahoma offers a wealth of records for genealogists seeking to learn about their ancestral heritage.

Published by NGS, Research in Oklahoma is one volume in the Research in the States series edited by Barbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FUGA, FVGS. It is available for purchase in the NGS online store in both PDF and print versions.


Kathy Huber, MLS is a specialist in records of Oklahoma and the Five Civilized Tribes. As the Genealogy Librarian for the Tulsa City-County Library, she manages its Genealogy Center, one of the largest genealogy collections in Oklahoma.