Effective Use of Deeds

Effective Use of Deeds

Course Overview

What is a warranty or quitclaim deed, and what kinds of documents are often filed with these deeds? What are the differences between public land and state land deeds, and what information can they reveal? What are the best sources for finding deeds? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in this course. Effective Use of Deeds is designed to help family historians hone their skills as they increase their proficiency in reading, transcribing, deciphering, and citing various deeds.

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Course Description

In Effective Use of Deeds, you will learn about types of deeds and other documents that may be associated with deeds. You will learn how to locate deeds in courthouses and libraries, use courthouse indexes, and select the deed you need. You’ll learn how the elements contained in a deed appear in a specific sequence and how to cite a deed. You’ll also learn how to transcribe and abstract a deed and how to analyze and evaluate its evidence.

The course is divided into five modules, which include readings, web links, and self-correcting quizzes as well as a glossary and reading and reference List. A full syllabus is provided to course registrants. The course modules are as follows.

  • Module 1—What is a deed?
  • Module 2—How do you locate deeds?
  • Module 3—The information in deeds
  • Module 4—Learning the skills of transcribing and abstracting a deed
  • Module 5—How do you evaluate the evidence in deeds?


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