Member Logo


Members in good standing of the National Genealogical Society (NGS) may use the NGS Member Logo that is downloadable from the NGS website, provided it is used without alteration or change on a website controlled by the member only. No other use of the NGS logo is permitted. No NGS logo other than the NGS Member Logo may be used by members.

The use of the NGS Member Logo only indicates that an individual is a member. It does not confer or imply any certification by NGS of the genealogical skill or competency of a researcher. Therefore, a member may use the logo only for the purpose of indicating membership in NGS and not to imply that NGS has certified the member’s research skill or competency or that NGS endorses any action or proposed action of the member.

No person shall use or cause the use of the National Genealogical Society name, the NGS Member Logo or other logo in any way that could mislead anyone about membership in NGS. Any person who obtains a copy of the NGS Member Logo shall agree not to copy, reproduce or use it, except as provided herein, and not to give or provide it (or a copy) to any other person. The member understands that use of the logo can be revoked by NGS at any time and for any reason by email to the member, or, in cases where the member or former member does not comply with such a request, by communication with the Internet service provider or website hosting provider hosting the webpage on which the logo appears. The member agrees to remove the logo without appeal.

By downloading the instructions for using the Member Logo, the member agrees to the abide by the above policy.

To display the Member Logo on your website, copy and paste the entire snippet into the source or text view of the web editor.