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NGS Newsletter Competition

To recognize the hard work, long hours, and creativity that editors devote to their newsletters.

Deadline for Submissions—15 December Annually


  • Major genealogical and/or historical societies
  • County/ local genealogical and/or historical societies
  • Family associations


  • The winning society or association in each of the three categories will receive a complimentary one-year organizational NGS subscription
  • Feature in the NGS Magazine


  • Each applicant must be an NGS organizational subscriber.
  • Newsletter must be submitted by the society or association—not by an individual.
  • Four copies of two consecutive issues from the current year must be submitted along with the completed entry form.
  • Electronic newsletters may be entered in the competition. One copy of two consecutive electronic newsletters from the current year must be submitted along with the completed entry form.

Guidelines for Newsletter Competition


A panel of three judges will review both issues of the newsletter using the following criteria:

  • material interest, variety and originality;
  • writing and editing quality;
  • readability and attractiveness; and
  • overall publication makeup.

Your newsletter will not be evaluated on the correctness of its genealogical content.


  • The panel’s comments will be evaluated and tallied.
  • The president of each entry organization will be notified of the competition results.
  • A representative of the winning organization will be presented a certificate at the opening session of the next NGS Family History Conference.

Application for Newsletter Competition

Application Form (PDF 138KB) >

Mail the materials to:
NGS Newsletter Competitions
National Genealogical Society
6400 Arlington Blvd, Suite 810
Falls Church, VA 22042-2318

Deadline for submissions is 15 December, annually.